Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sketchgroup Adventures: Anatomy, Online Meetings, and Sausage Hands of Doom

So last week's Sketchgroup entry is being posted this week. Tried to get it up earlier, but failed - I was up most of the night finishing a project and experimenting with a new technique (going to post on that later), so the blog went by the wayside.

Sketchgroup met online last week. We met on the usual day, but everyone in the group was pressed for time, so we just did the entire thing via msn. Not really sure what to think of the new meeting format - it has its pros, I guess (convenience is one of them), but I'm not really a fan of having to explain things online. A lot of the information given when describing new techniques gets lost in translation when there's no demonstration to see.

Because it's January, the focus was still anatomy. Even when the month is over, we're still planning to do a pose per week, just for the sake of practice. Sketchgroup seems to be working really well: even though I didn't make any major improvements (it would have been nice if I had). Others in the group did an amazing job, so I was pretty pleased that our experiment seemed to work out.

Here's my pose for last week: the shoulder gave me no end of grief:

Stick-to-block figures for this week's pose. 

Anatomy and top of Hand overlays

While we still devote a certain amount of time to poses, last week's particular focus was on the hands. 

I love drawing hands, so I enjoyed the assignment, even though my overlay isn't the greatest. My individual hand sketches are kind of lacking, too. I think I have a tendency to draw the fingers like sausages. But my fingers are kind of fat, so I guess we all draw what we reference most, in the end.

Hand positions, Page 1

Hand Positions, Page 2

No one in Sketchgroup managed to finish their conceptual sketches last week, so it was just moved to this week's meeting. That's all I have to post for now.

(Also, I've got to get around to posting links to everyone else in the group. We've got a new member joining us this week, so really happy about that.)


  1. maybe try webcam meetings? ...but yeah it's always better to meet in person.