Monday, January 11, 2010

Sketchgroup Adventures: Anatomy, Stick Figures, and Endless Amounts of Hair

Second semester starts in a couple hours. Holidays are over, and I wasn't as productive as I would have liked when it comes to illustration, but it wasn't a total bust: I did manage to get a couple things done (like actually starting this blog).

I've got a huge obsession with Steampunk illustration right now, and using collage as a medium. Not sure how long the collage thing will last, but I've always kind of had a thing for Victorian and Steampunk-inspired design, so of course I've got to obsessively apply both to everything and anything. That includes things as mundane as the cover of my agenda:

Front n' back of my agenda cover, laid out flat.

It's kind of a pointless thing to collage, but I can't seem to help myself right now. It's become some sort of a bizarre, compulsive behavior.

A couple friends (all from OCAD) and I started up a sketch group over the holidays. While we all like OCAD (more or less) there was a general consensus that our university isn't really focusing as much on the technical skills as they should/we would like them to be, and that it's going to put us at a disadvantage in the long run. Panic + pressure = creative ways of compensating for loss. Hence, Sketchgroup was born out of a mutual sense of anxiety and perfectionism! I think its a good thing.

Each week we give ourselves assignments to complete, focusing on a particular area of technical skill that needs some serious work. January is anatomy month; for the first week we just concentrated on overall anatomy, and getting proportions correct. We used a basic stick-block-flesh method, except we added muscle in as well to the final overlays, to help familiarize ourselves with what's underneath the skin. I honestly think it helps.

Anatomy practice, steps 1 and 2

Final anatomy overlays, including basic muscle structure.

And of course, because I'm obsessed with Steampunk and collage, I had to decorate my sketchbook too:

Front and back of new sketchbook, minus the spine.

I'm really into aging things right now, so after I finished the exercises I tried aging the pages:

Stick figures from the 1st pose of anatomy exercise.

I'm not really sure what I think of the result, or if I'm going to continue trying. I think it's probably another redundant exercise on my part, since aging takes forever to dry.

The final part of our Sketchgroup assignment for the week was to do a concept sketch, based around the phrase "World of Hair" Apparently mine was depressing and bleak. I like to think it's witty:

The caption reads "I looked out on the world, and saw nothing but a desert of split ends, and the coarse fibers of time".

It's still a WIP, so I'll post the finished sketch later on in the week.


    I swear to god... you stuffs are really kick ass *O*

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  2. Haha, not at all. I'm planning to link you too, once I fix up the blog. I still haven't gotten around to adding links. :(

  3. No worries :D you take your time~~