Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So it's been awhile since I updated my blog. First my computer was down for ages, which made scanning and updating just that much more tiresome, and by the time it was back up and running I was in the middle of final projects and exams. (Note to self: NEVER trust a PC)

For the past couple of weeks, its been a combination of that and pure laziness that's kept me from updating. But, BUT! Habits must change - and I'm seriously avoiding studying for my exam - so I'm getting back into blogging as of today, and plan to keep it up. (Provided my computer doesn't give out on me again, in which case it's time to hit the booze tank and commiserate). Gonna be posting a lot in the next couple days - I need to update everything and anything that's gone on in the past couple months before I leave for Quebec City (fun times, fun times). But alas, I am an idiot, and left most of my current work in my locker. 

As compensation until tomorrow: personal sketches, from the sketchbook of yours truly. 

What I do when I'm not trying to please the great gods of OCAD: graphic novel/comic art, and concept sketches for characters.