Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Core Illustration Classes: 2nd Year

I've been going through my projects from my core illustration classes this year, and I've found a couple that I've decided to post.

I've never really enjoyed my core classes: its endless critique after endless critique, punctuated by sessions of me nodding off to sleep and agonizing periods of pins and needles in the legs from sitting for so long. Unlike my more technical classes, I never have any noticeable improvement when it comes to core illustration, and the classes tend to turn me into a jumble of fried nerves and frustration because of it. I'm not that great with singular concepts and the trendy illustrations that OCAD seems to embrace, so I don't have that much that I'm content with. That being said, this post will be short.

There are a couple larger pieces that I still have to photograph, so I'll add those later, but for the most part, everything's here:

I think this was actually the first project I did during 2nd year: we were given the subject matter and asked to draw what a person would see inside "our fridge". I tried experimenting with an absence of line work, but that didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Neither did the paint. Media is acrylic and India ink.

These two images were a set of illustrations that I had to do for my second core illustration class. We were asked to illustrate a 'before' and 'after' scene, so I chose to do a take on the little mermaid. The class itself was taught by Gary Taxali, so I consider myself (and others) to be extremely fortunate. And while I found the class incredibly frustrating, I'm still glad I had him as a prof.

Another set of illustrations that I had to do for Taxali's class. The project itself was incredibly open: we were told we could do absolutely anything for our final project, so long as it was "amazing." I chose to illustrate the concept of the Illustrator as Machine, and broke it down into three parts: body, heart and brain. All three pieces are mixed media.

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