Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hawk Eater: The Personification of Stress

I've always been envious of people who function best on tight deadlines: I've never been any good at it myself. My best work happens when I have time to research something thoroughly, think it over and pick at it for flaws and inconsistencies. Same-day deadlines and projects that have a turnaround time of 2-4hrs make me instantly queasy.

I think this lack of adaptability is related to my obsession with linear progression; I can't do step 2 if I haven't finished step 1, and in order to make step 2 work I have to make sure step 1 is cohesive and sound. It's like a narrative almost, except it's happening in real time and I can't go back and redo step 1 if step 2 is due five minutes later. Consequently, stress levels skyrocket, I quickly become overwhelmed, and the conceptual thought process begins to break down. Its in situations like these that I resort to drawing things I'm comfortable with, the stuff that require the least amount of processing power as possible: mainly female heads with huge hair, heavy makeup, and puffer fish lips.

To the right, a perfect example of this all too common crisis: an in-class assignment where we had to illustrate the phrase "the hawk is howling." Unfortunately, the lovely head (and myself) was short on patience, and ate the bird instead.

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