Thursday, March 10, 2011

Red, Lots of Red (An Update)

I'm back!

It's been just over a month since I last posted, so this entry is basically an art dump - anything and everything that I've done over my latest absence but haven't put online (as per usual). I'm a creature of habit, and it's fairly common for me to post like mad for a few weeks before pulling another disappearing act and going dark for months, but I have an excuse this time around! Well, I always have an excuse, but this time it's a good one.

I've been super busy lately; lots of exciting stuff happening in the form of experimentation and comic publications and just general craziness. I was also pretty sick with influenza for most of February, so that put me behind as well, but I'm back up and running with my sporadic posting once more.

I'm in the middle of a transitional period right now, one where I'm trying to find the perfect style for the type of illustration I want to do; a combination of realism and stylization that blends everything that I love about design, illustration, books, geek culture, fashion and graphic novels into a giant writhing mass of energy that just screams LÜGR, and I'm starting to see some progression towards it: keyword is "some", here. I'm still not there, so my artwork is all over the place and appears kind of directionless. I hope to change that, though! Soon, very soon. Anyways, here's everything and anything from the past month (almost):

To the left, a poster of Alfred Hitchcock for my core class: we had to do a mock commission for a series of film festival posters that celebrated classic Hollywood filmmakers. I was trying to capture the likeness of Hitchcock (and didn't succeed) while using subtle references to the iconic imagery within some of his films. Despite the fact that everything was rushed and I was severely ill for half the time, I really enjoyed researching the project and creating the image: it was an excuse to sit down and watch a lot of my favorite movies and to utilize the bold color palettes I'm so fond of, as posters really tend to lend themselves to those aesthetics.

Below, another head. Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to post any more, but I seem to be getting a lot of assignments involving heads lately, so I guess my blogging will follow the trend. I don't have much of an explanation for this piece - it was for a weekly assignment where we had to incorporate a 3D head with a 2D bust and background. I decided to do a portrait of my brother Aidan, working from a photograph for my reference as he refused to sit still. Just watch: I'll do a whole series of portraits, each one a different family member.

To the left, a 2hr in-class assignment for media studios where we had to illustrate the phrase "ENEMY MINE". The word "frantic" does not even begin to accurately describe how feverishly stressed I get during these things.

Below, another project for my core class, where we had to illustrate an "untranslatable word" that had no counterpart in English and was impossible to describe using a single sentence. I chose the Japanese word Tatemae, which has to do with collectively agreeing on something in public, but secretly disbelieving in private. Or something. I'm pretty sure I haven't grasped the full meaning of the word. I've been told it's literal translation is something like "facade" or "face of a building," but I'm not fluent in Japanese so I'll take their word for it. I really love working with text, and I've got an obsession with masks, so I enjoyed this project. For some reason everyone thought I drew a geisha. Whatever floats your boat, I guess:

And finally to finish this week's art dump, a sneak peak at the comic I just finished for the OCAD comic club! It's the first time I've done a comic for a publication, and I'm not super pleased with the results. Halfway through doing the comic I lost interest because of a subtle change in style, but I'm taking it in stride and trying to think of it as a learning experience instead. I know I'll be doing more work with comics in the near future, and I'm pretty sure things will work out better the second time around. Below, some previews for the comic, an eight-page experimental piece called Swallowtail:

And I'm off. More posts and artwork to come soon! (Hopefully)

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