Thursday, April 14, 2011

Freedom (From the Void)

I'M FREE! The school semester is finally winding to a close. At last, after eight months of constant work, I've finished my third year at OCAD. I have to head back to summer school in a month to complete a couple courses for my minor, but until then, no school. No more waking up at 4am to commute three hours to get to class. No more three hour critiques. No more sitting in unbearably stiff GOTrain seats, while the suburbanite across from me glares at my illustration projects shoved to the side (as if it's my fault her legs are so big or that the train is too crowded). After months of sleepless nights and long commutes, I finally have room to breath. Not surprisingly, I am much pleased with my returning freedom.

I plan to put it to good use, of course. No, I don't deny that the first couple days after school, I plan to sleep in to my heart's content and catch up on all the reading that I have yet to do. But I also plan to use the summer to fix up the blog, finish a bunch of errands that I've been putting off, and complete a series of personal projects. (More info on those coming soon!) One of the first things on my to-do list is to catch up to all the posting that I've slacked off on during the school year. I have a hard time concentrating on more than four things at any given time. So over the next couple weeks, I'll be scanning and putting up my illustrations onto the blog that have been neglected as a consequence. However, for the moment, here are few pieces I forgot to post from my media studios class (no scanning required). Above, the vertical version of a podcast editorial that we had to do for WYNC's Radiolab edition on WORDS.

And below, my version for the DVD cover of Gaspar NoƩ's Enter the Void. If you've seen the movie, then you'll know that my illustration is way too upbeat for the content of the film.

And no, I don't recommend watching the movie; not unless you're fond of seizures, voyeurism and incest. Lots of incest. I wish Paz de la Huerta would stop playing the "manic nympho" in every film she's featured in. It's getting real old, real fast.

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