Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ink VS Pastel: Stylized Portraits and Mirror Images

Today's post is really short. I'm just putting up the final two assignments from the current batch of studio sketches and 3rd-year projects, the ones that have been collecting dust in some unloved corner of my room.

Below, two different projects: same subject matter, done two different ways. For the first, we had to draw a stylized head in ink, then sketch the same head in some sort of dry medium. I was forced to use pastel; my only other choice was pencil crayon, and I haven't used pencil crayon since I was in the eighth grade. At this point, I'd be more proficient with a hacksaw and a piece of wood, and I suck at 3D sculptures.

Where was I? Oh yeah, pastel. Chalk pastel. Horrible experience, got hives everywhere. Will not repeat that again.

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