Saturday, April 16, 2011

Painting Assignments: Heads, and more Heads

So yesterday I went on a scanning frenzy.

Over the course of the school year, my locker has slowly been filling up with illustration projects that have yet to be scanned. Once shoved to the side, the projects then proceed to sit there, unseen and unloved, rotting for months, until they are retrieved from their lonely exile to be posted en masse. I only managed to scan about half, and I still have to drag all of them back home on a three hour trek using the overcrowded GoBus. But, I did manage to get through scanning all my studio and painting pieces, so that's what I'm going to post. There are a lot of them, so I'm not putting them up all at once, but for today, I've decided to post all the weekly painting assignment I did for my Illustrative Drawing and Painting class.

This semester I had Bob Berger as a prof for my studio course (really nice old guy, talkative chap, has this uncanny ability of reminding me of Einstein). Honestly, I don't know what to think of his class as a whole. I'm still digesting most of what I learned over the course of the semester, but I guess one good thing I can say about his teaching style is the sheer amount of painting and drawing practice you get during his studios.

At OCAD, we don't get a lot of studio time - only three hours once per week, and a drawing lab with the same set up - so Bob tried to fix this by assigning us weekly projects (drawing for the first six weeks, painting for the next). My overall technical skills did improve; I definitely don't hate painting as much as I used to, and I think I might actually be starting to enjoy it (a sign of the coming apocalypse). Unfortunately, the amount of work and the deadlines given in his class were stressful, and the quality of my work tends to go down when I'm stretched too thin.

Above, one of the weekly painting assignments that we had to do for his class. We were told to paint the same face four different ways in a single painting, while still making it look like a cohesive whole. Bob informed me that my piece was "Very FASHION!" (which is something he's said for every piece of work I've done), and told me that none of my panels had dominance over the other. I'm still trying to decide if that's a good thing or not.

To the left, the third painting assignment we had to do for Bob's class, where we were told to combine two different closeups of the face in an interesting composition. I think I'm finally getting better with this piece! The top crop still isn't working, and because my board kept warping the eyes turned out all wonky, but the bottom half turned out better than I had expected. The overall critique that I got for this piece was that I needed to refine more. And add more details. Actually, that's a critique I got from all my profs. So I know what I'll be working on over the summer.

To the right, the final painting assignment I did for the semester. For the last piece we were basically told to experiment with different sorts of edges; hard, smooth, soft, fading (I think that was all of them, but there could be more). The composition I did for the final painting is unbelievable boring, but I was short on time when I did it, so I picked a pose that I knew I could work with and went with it. I wasn't aiming to make her skin that pink, either! I may be getting better at painting in comparison to last year, but my skin tones still need a lot of work.

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