Friday, April 15, 2011

Tea Packaging, Victorian Style

I've already posted most of my illustrations from my core class this semester, but I have one left. Our last project was a packaging assignment, where we had to illustrate one of six different flavors for a more "upscale" tea company.  I chose English Earl Grey. Even though the mock commission was for a luxury brand, our prof let us have a bit more freedom with the design, which I really enjoyed.

I worked in traditional mediums for this project, and traditional only, which is pretty unusual for me. And everything was going great, until I did the line work - even my smallest brush, a .005, was still too big. So right after the project ended, I went out and bought myself the tiniest sable brush I could find. If I have time over the summer, I think I'll redo the piece: I enjoy certain types of packaging design (although this hasn't always been the case).


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