Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sneak Peeks and Summer Projects

It's update time!

It's been almost a month since I've posted, and in that time I've been pretty busy with personal projects, summer school, and trying to avoid the sun.

You might have noticed that my blog looks a little bit different; a little less bland than before. There are a few things I want to change, and other things I want to add, but for the most part, it's done. The banner comes from one of the pages of my new zine/comic anthology, The Red Queen, a project that's still in production. I'm not going to say much more about it - not yet (I want to keep people guessing) - but here's a peek at what's to come. From linear to finished product, one of the covers for the two zines I have planned. I'm still not happy with the face.

Also in the news - I've finally launched my second blog!

A few of you who know me personally may have heard me mention the idea of another blog off and on over the past couple months, and I've been trying to get it up and running for a while. I've named it Paradaul, and it's sort of like an ongoing, personal project. The full explanation as to why I've started it can be found here, but as part of the blog launch I did a couple of illustrations (it's a good excuse to practice style).

Really simple stuff, part for fun, part for practice. I had designed them as laptop backgrounds, but it was my first time doing an image in that format, and things didn't really work out; major cropping ensued, and not in a good way. But, I've learned for next time what to watch out for when making an illustration for a variety of different screens.

I'm hoping to have a nicer design for the blog up and working by fall, but for now, the current version will have to do, as I've really got to step up the pace on my comics. Either way, check it out!

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