Friday, August 26, 2011

Priest of the Fingerbiters

He's coming for you.

My submission for an upcoming zine, entitled Fingerbiter. A couple friends and I did a collaborative project the previous summer, but as they're busy with thesis I volunteered to organize the zine for 2011. It's my first time coordinating a group project, so I'm super nervous about everything working out: I've been constantly second guessing my decisions as to what works and what doesn't.

I'm not entirely pleased with the way my illustration turned out, partially due to the fact that I didn't add enough details and partially because I haven't established a solid method for working in black and white. I've been experimenting with linework and color for the past couple months, so black/white illustrations have gone by the wayside and I'm kinda all over the place in struggling to cement a style.

I haven't posted any of my illustrations in over a month (today's the exception), but I've been working on a couple dozen pieces simultaneously, so I should be posting more of my work in the weeks that follow. Keep your eyes open for updates!

Monday, August 22, 2011

4th Annual Zine Dream Fair

Yesterday I made the trek to Toronto to visit the 4th annual Zine Dream fair.

I really like zine fairs. Actually, I like attending any sort of vendor's fair, but I make a special effort to attend local conventions that pop up in and around Toronto, no matter how small. And Zine Dream was small. Very small. Around 50 vendors set shop just off Bloor St. West in a club called the Tranzac. I really enjoyed it.

One of the great things about zine fairs is that they all have a distinctly different feel to them. They're  classified under a general label, but each one caters to a different crowd. TCAF is filled with indie and small press comics, Canzine deals primarily in indie comics and illustrations, and Zine Dream is just ... indie? I found very few comics at Zine Dream, but they did have a lot of indie writers and their works, which made up for the lack of aforementioned comics:

My zine haul this time around wasn't that big, as I'm on a budget and trying to save up money for the fall, but a couple friends of mine were selling goods at the fair, so I went to check out their booths. Good friend and fellow OCADer Jeannie Phan had a small table set up in the main room. I've already collected most of the zines that she had for sale, and I wasn't able to get my hands on a copy of her comic Indigestion, so I bought stickers instead:

Don't drink the paint water. Truer words have never been said.

Jenn Liv also had a table at the fair, so I picked up a couple stickers from her as well: very cute, almost art-nouveau-ish linework.

Another OCADer - Marta Ryczko - was at the fair selling a bunch of her prints, postcards and zines. I've been obsessing over her mini-print collection School Yard Sadism for over a month now, and I finally managed to pick up a copy! So, so, so excited. The typography is absolutely amazing - makes me all happy inside.

I didn't take that many pictures at the fair as the lighting there was horrible, but Marta had these pins on display that I just had to get a shot of. The packaging is unbelievably cute:

I picked up several other zines during the event: Lose No. Three, by Michael Deforge (published by Koyama Press) and a set of story zines, Where Punknames come From, by Martin Hazelbower, and Time for Some Stories, by davesecretary.

All three zines are kind of long, so I haven't been able to read them just yet, but after I'm done I might do a review on each. Who knows. All I know for sure is that I'm dying for another vendor's fair. Canzine can't come fast enough.