Friday, August 26, 2011

Priest of the Fingerbiters

He's coming for you.

My submission for an upcoming zine, entitled Fingerbiter. A couple friends and I did a collaborative project the previous summer, but as they're busy with thesis I volunteered to organize the zine for 2011. It's my first time coordinating a group project, so I'm super nervous about everything working out: I've been constantly second guessing my decisions as to what works and what doesn't.

I'm not entirely pleased with the way my illustration turned out, partially due to the fact that I didn't add enough details and partially because I haven't established a solid method for working in black and white. I've been experimenting with linework and color for the past couple months, so black/white illustrations have gone by the wayside and I'm kinda all over the place in struggling to cement a style.

I haven't posted any of my illustrations in over a month (today's the exception), but I've been working on a couple dozen pieces simultaneously, so I should be posting more of my work in the weeks that follow. Keep your eyes open for updates!

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