Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Canzine 2011

Canzine 2011 was a success!

The night before I spent hours and hours fussing over a mock up of my table in an attempt to set up a booth. A professional display wasn't in the budget this year, so I improvised when it came to magazine stands and made some out of bread baskets, napkin holders and Easter netting. Yes, I know it's random.

The venue for this year's Canzine was great. I got there nice and early, and managed to snag a decent table in the main hall. I was seated in a row of booths alongside several other OCAD comrades - Jenn Liv, Tabban Soleimani and Ness Leee - and all of them had amazing set-ups. After looking over the local tables, I grabbed a coffee from the Underground Food Market and snapped a couple pictures of my table before the patrons started to arrive.

The event itself was really busy. I sold out of all my sticker packs, and the Red Queen was a hit; I'm really inspired to keep working on the series, and I can't wait to get the first chapter of the graphic novel done and out of the way. I wish I had taken pictures of my sticker packs before they sold out, but I'll definitely be making more to sell at the next event.

I spent most of Canzine behind the table, but later on I managed to sneak away to buy some zines and see what else was out there. Here's my haul!

I picked up both copies of the Spontaneous Combustion magazine, as well Hoot, by Emily Taylor, The Shitty Guru series by Spaz, How the West was Won't First, by Fake Injury Party, and You can't get There from Here, by Martin Hazelblower, whose story Where Punk Names Come From I picked up during the summer. I also bought a bunch of pins from Selena Wong and Ness Leee, featuring bunny rabbits and noodle grannies, respectively.

I'll definitely be back at Canzine next year, and I'm hoping to have a booth at other zine fairs in and around the city in the coming months, so I'll keep everyone posted!

Also, big thank you to everyone who attended Canzine and for those who ran the event. And to all the other illustrators who had tables at Canzine - your work was amazing. Can't wait to see what you create next.

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