Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Dahlia, my new mascot.

Dahlia epitomizes everything I love about fashion: a plethora of hybrid influences cobbled together to create something ostentatiously ornate and gaudy as a bird of paradise. If I could dress this way I would. Unfortunately, I do not have the time nor the money to procure such a getup, so I figure I'll live vicariously through my illustrations until school's over. After that, I can once again devote my time to finding pretty clothes.

I started this illustration last summer, but didn't get a chance to finish it until now. The image is pretty large (11"x17" spread), but Blogspot's got this new(ish) thing where all images automatically re-size, so I've included some close ups for details that may get lost in the larger preview. Enjoy.