Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OCAD U's 97th Annual Grad Exhibition

So it's that time of year again - the OCAD grad show recap!

The show ended Sunday, and like last year I was much impressed. A bunch of my friends were graduating, so I was extremely excited to see their work and find out what projects they had been hiding from me for the entire year. Their illustrations were absolutely gorgeous, and it really inspired me to complete my upcoming thesis with as much skill as they had.

I didn't have time to see the exhibit as a whole (which is a shame) and the photos I took don't even cover half of what I did see, but here's a small glimpse of what was on display. Simply amazing stuff. The links to each artist's website has been included with their name (unless otherwise stated). Alright, enough gushing. On to the goodies!

Close up on Play Space by Daniel Orellana, Illustration.

Details on Siamese Crossroads and Phasmophobia by Fox Xoft, Illustration. I wasn't familiar with the illustrator's work, but I love bright colors and there were just so many of them that it was sort of like dangling a shiny object in front of a magpie. I couldn't help myself. I was so fascinated by it.

Because I'm a huge fan of Ness Lee and her chubby sumo characters, I had to include a couple photos from her display and the details on her illustrations. The setup was the most adorable thing ever. Also, buttons. And business cards. And zines! Below, details on The Calm before the Soy Sauce and Mama knows best.

Display closeup and detail on Hypocrite Sinner by Tabban Soleimani, Illustration. 

Closeup on Superbugs, by Meredith Sadler, Illustration.

Muscular Hypertrophy Engineering and Manure Dinner by Xiao Su, Illustration. This was another case where the bright colors drew me in and I just kind of ended up standing there, in front of the illustrations, slack-jawed and looking at shiny things.

During the exhibit I wandered through the Graphic Design section of the grad show and snapped a couple pictures of the projects that were on display. To the left, a close up of Giru Thiru's setup (I believe his thesis was seed library packaging of some sort). In the middle, Marta Ryczko's amazing typography, and on the far right, a display I absolutely loved but forgot to get the author of (if anyone from OCAD recognizes the work, lemme know).

I also made a trek down to the fourth floor to take a look at the Drawing and Painting section of the grad show. Below, a closeup of a painting by one Adam Brooks.

From left to right: details on paintings by Brittney Taylor, Maria Boese, and unknown, all from Drawing and Painting. The two closeups below that are unknown as well, although I've seen them around school before. If I can find out who did them, I'll update. (None of the artists had website contact information).

Also, I collected business cards.

Illustration business cards are always the best - so inventive and colorful. I was totally enamored with Ness Lee's card - it's made out of wood. Wood! And rounded corners! I like them corners.

However, my absolute favorite card was Guru Thiru's. Check it out - it's a little bottle full of seeds! Real seeds! He had an entire box of them set up like a traveling apothecary.

My review of the OCAD grad show isn't as in depth as I would like it to be, but I'm short on time and there was just so many things at the exhibit that I'd never be able to detail it all in a reasonable amount of time. There were some amazing illustrators at the show that I didn't blog about here, and you should definitely check them out:

Anita Thai
Donald Clement
Emily Taylor
Jeannie Phan
Marc O'Brien
Nancy Zhang
Sarah Pedro

Also, for a comprehensive list of all illustration graduates at this year's show, check out OCAD U Illustration. Very cool stuff.

Next year is my turn for thesis and grad show. So excited and inspired! But nervous. Very nervous.


  1. AWW this is such a great summary of the show! i can't wait to see your stuff hun!!! i'm rootin' for youuuu!! <3<3!!!!!!