Sunday, May 13, 2012

Truths (Circa 2009)

Ten Truths that I know are True
  1. Sex still sells.
  2. Reality is a construct.
  3. Everything dies eventually.
  4. The 'right way to think' vs. the 'wrong way to think' is subjective.
  5. The world's strongest and most steadfast currency is the overwhelming desire for MORE.
  6. When the minority becomes the majority, their beliefs become the norm.
  7. We are all more ordinary, less attractive and less special than we would like to believe.
  8. True brilliance is rare and precious as it is transient: it never lasts for vast amounts of time.
  9. The human species is as cosmically insignificant as an amoeba is to the sun.
  10. Perfection is unobtainable because the essence of perfection is subjective and ever changing (but that doesn't stop us from reaching for it).

Ten Truths Perpetuated by Society that are Lies
  1. Equality has been achieved. 
  2. The best things in life are free.
  3. Human beings are essentially good.
  4. We are free to make our own choices, regardless of circumstance or external forces.
  5. Activism and a positive outlook will eventually wipe out various forms of human suffering.
  6. The letter of the law is always determined by unbiased, calm, analytical assessment.
  7. Governments and institutions have your best interests in mind.
  8. During times of great duress, people will overcome their differences and come to a lasting solution that benefits all.
  9. A university degree is the cure for all your woes.
  10. If it's peer reviewed, it's true.

 Ten Truths that I Wish were True
  1. That sleep was unnecessary.
  2. That perfection was obtainable.
  3. That human beings were essentially good.
  4. That the best things in life were always free.
  5. That there was an undo button for all the mistakes you've made.
  6. That governments and institutions had your best interests in mind.
  7. That the financial burden of getting an education wasn't so great.
  8. That aging was not an eventuality, but a choice.
  9. That minimum wage was higher.
  10. That I had a lifetime supply of Lindor chocolate.

It's so weird, reading my old writing (and kind of amazing what I can find when I end up digging through my school notes).  Things change. Ideas mature. Although I gotta admit - I still agree with 90% of the content on these lists.

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