Sunday, November 18, 2012

5th Annual Zine Dream Fair

So. This post is months and months old, like everything else.

Back in August I went to the 5th Annual Zine Dream Fair - it's a local zine festival that's been happening every summer for the past couple years. It's not my first time going - in August 2011 I went to the 4th Annual Fair, just to see what everything was about.

Like the previous year, this summer's event was small, cozy, and catered to a local hipster-ish crowd. Zine Dream isn't exactly my sort of festival, and after two years with consistent results, I can honestly say that I feel a bit out of place,when trying to navigate through the nuances of the fair's particular audience. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy going, of course, or that I can't find neat stuff if I try.

My haul for Zine Dream is always smaller than my haul from other events, but I think that's because there's a smaller selection. I'm also really picky about what I buy. I've gotten more selective over the years, and I tend to avoid handicrafts and go straight for comics.

The goodies, from this year's 5th Annual Zine Dream:

Like I said, not much. But! I managed to stick to my $20 budget. I also picked up copies of Jeannie Phan's Coping with Paradise and Bodies in Cosmos.

Below, Jocelyn Cheung's Sketchy Journal Vol. 1, as well as a cat-head necklace, by Justine Wong: my only craft purchase of the day (besides pins).

A zine by a new artist I haven't heard of before, Joseph Nowak:

I can honestly say the only reason I picked it up is because I was attracted to the red. I'm such a sucker for red. It always gets my attention. The comic inside were pretty good, though! I really liked it.

The final two purchase I made I'm really excited about. The first is Fiona Smyth's The Neverweres, a graphic novel for young adults about the end of the world. I have a soft spot for dystopias and creative apocalypses, and I've been meaning to pick up a copy of her book for what seems like forever.


Fiona was a prof of mine at OCAD U, and I learned a lot from her. So! I made sure to get my copy signed, because I'm picky like that:

The second thing I'm super excited about is that I'm a contributor for The Wilding Zine Vol. 5! I picked up an issue at the fair.


The Wilding is also run and composed by Fiona Smyth, who does a wonderful job of putting everything together. I did the comic for this volume almost a year ago, but things have been so hectic for so long that I honestly sort of forgot about it. It's kind of cool seeing my stuff in print (my own zines don't count).

All in all, a small haul, but a good one. Looking forward to hunting for more stuff next year.

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