Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ness Lee's Me Love You Long Time

Alright, guys. Another delayed post. Again.

Back in October I attended a gallery showing at The Gladstone Hotel for my good friend and illustrator Ness Lee. It was her first solo show, entitled Me Love you Long Time, which deals with "love and bullshit, alongside her work from the series I don't Speak Chinese."

It was an interesting show, and it was really neat seeing how Ness' style has solidified and evolved over the years. I'm also a huge, huge fan of the colors she uses. It's the red. I'm such a hopeless sucker for red.

I didn't stay long at the event - maybe an hour and a bit - but I managed to snap a couple pictures of the show before I left. Really cool stuff.

The info table, with all the pretty postcards:

Below, Dough Nut Men.

Ness also had these little figurines displayed around the room alongside her illustrations, including her Sumo Plush. They were really neat.

More mini illustrations, including the Tough series.

 The illustration Money!

From left to right, Noodle Danse, Cheer Up Porkchop, and Can't Stop Thinking.

At for the last, one of my absolute favorites, Practice. I love the textures for it.

Before I end the post, there's something I wanna to get off my chest, and while its not really related to Ness' show, it is at the same time? Or all events, really. I guess writing about the show just reminded about it.

For most of the past year (ever since the spring), I've been really, really busy, and I haven't had any time to go to shows, or do any sort of networking, or see what kind of new illustrations are out there, or even work on my own stuff outside of limited class projects. So now, being able to venture out into Toronto again, to interact with people and see what's being created - even if it's only for a couple of hours - feels awesome. It's like... I dunno. Like I have a pulse. Isolation can be stifling. It's a weird thing to say, but I've been such a hermit for so long that it's become somewhat detrimental. It's good to be involved in things again, and to be productive. Really, it is.

And I'm out.

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    I miss you boo! and such a lovely post
    I'm late in reading this as per usual in life : P