Sunday, January 20, 2013

Artsy Secret Santa 2012

In today's news: I make things. Other than art. Yes, I know. It's like magic.

Last year some friends and I started doing Arsty Secret Santa, which is basically exactly what it sounds like - making crafty things to give to people for Christmas. It's an activity that's cheap and utilizes my creative skills. So of course, I love it.

The last time I participated, it took me forever to post the resulting gift and tutorial on my blog. This year, it's only taken me a month! I'm getting better.

For this year, I made a pair of winter gloves (along with a matching reusable tote bag) and an illustrated card for friend and fellow illustrator Jenn Liv. I actually posted the results of her card last week.

I didn't have time to document the gift process, so there's no tutorial. I did document the end result. The gloves and bag are made from screen printed fabric, a sweater (for the lining), and scraps of ribbon.

I'm pleased with how they turned out.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Studio Explorations: Odds n' Ends

This will be a short post. Just uploading any of the odds n' ends from last year's studio class that I didn't post the other week. Mostly experimentation with ink on Mylar and a couple sketches and speed paintings. Enjoy.

Ink and open acrylic on Mylar. Portrait study.

Ink. Figure study.

Speed painting, figure study. Open acrylic.

Gesture drawings. Conte.

Speed painting, figure study. Open acrylic.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Itchy Sweater Christmas Cards

Over the holidays, I made a couple gifts. One of them was a series of Christmas cards.

I didn't have time to make cards for everyone, but I did manage to make a set for several people - one for a friend in the Arsty Santa exchange, and two for my very dear friends that have helped me out over the year with other creative endeavors. This winter's theme: itchy Christmas sweaters. Because ugly Christmas sweaters are so pase.

I tried to capture the personalities of my friends as best I could. Hopefully they approve of my interpretations.

Jenn Liv, fellow illustrator and Queen of the Boxes.

My roommate Brooke. Connoisseur of fuzzy socks, critic of my life choices.

Zoe Maxine, fellow illustrator. Beholder of hats and all things awkward.

I think I got their likenesses pretty accurate.

After I finished the illustrations, I made a mad dash to the print shop. And good god, the print shop. Have you ever had that moment of panic, where you think you have time, but you DOUBLE EXTRA TRIPLE CHECK to make sure that you do? And they tell you "yes, we're open for the holidays" only to arrive and find out they're closed?

You know that feeling you get, when a shudder runs down your spine and you have that sick sensation in your stomach, at the thought of having to print your work at Kinkos? Yeah, that was me.

Fortunately, I managed to beg my way into getting a small run print done at a large run print shop, and the illustrations turned out wonderful. Then, I set about making the cards. Documented the process, too!


Cutting out the prints! In the process of turning them into cards. Like pokemon - only better.

Creating the backs of the cards. I used card stock, red paper, Japanese paper (I forget exactly which kind), and ribbon. Fancy.

Details on them fancy, fancy cards.

Fancy cards in their finished state. I present to you, The Itchy Sweater Christmas Cards. Lookin' good, ladies. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Studio Paintings: No Longer Cringe-Worthy

This (by now) is ancient material. Vault material. I'm so far behind in posting that its almost irrelevant. I've been meaning to put up my studio pieces since last spring, and I know if I don't do it now, I'll regret it. Yes, yes. My track record is atrocious.

Last year I finished my painting classes at OCAD. I've never enjoyed painting for numerous reasons, including (but not limited to) an overcrowded workspace, my deep dislike for hard-as-rock chairs, and my laughably bad vision. It makes working in dark conditions for "dramatic lighting" near-impossible. I'm also not a fan of painting traditionally in of itself. I don't enjoy working with paints the same way I do digital. I've never really bothered to figure out why this is.

That said, painting at OCAD has helped me vastly improve my skills. I'll probably do some traditional painting at home now that classes are over (famous last words), but this will be one of the final posts I make regarding the work I've done in school. I think. FINALLY MADE IT, GUYS! ONLY A COUPLE MONTHS LEFT UNTIL I GRADUATE! (Hopefully).

In-Class Painting Assignments:

Painting Projects:

For perspective: this is what my paintings used to look like, when I first came to OCAD.

I know right? Vision of beauty.

I'll be posting more of these suckers next week. Happy 2013 everyone! Good to be back.