Thursday, January 10, 2013

Studio Paintings: No Longer Cringe-Worthy

This (by now) is ancient material. Vault material. I'm so far behind in posting that its almost irrelevant. I've been meaning to put up my studio pieces since last spring, and I know if I don't do it now, I'll regret it. Yes, yes. My track record is atrocious.

Last year I finished my painting classes at OCAD. I've never enjoyed painting for numerous reasons, including (but not limited to) an overcrowded workspace, my deep dislike for hard-as-rock chairs, and my laughably bad vision. It makes working in dark conditions for "dramatic lighting" near-impossible. I'm also not a fan of painting traditionally in of itself. I don't enjoy working with paints the same way I do digital. I've never really bothered to figure out why this is.

That said, painting at OCAD has helped me vastly improve my skills. I'll probably do some traditional painting at home now that classes are over (famous last words), but this will be one of the final posts I make regarding the work I've done in school. I think. FINALLY MADE IT, GUYS! ONLY A COUPLE MONTHS LEFT UNTIL I GRADUATE! (Hopefully).

In-Class Painting Assignments:

Painting Projects:

For perspective: this is what my paintings used to look like, when I first came to OCAD.

I know right? Vision of beauty.

I'll be posting more of these suckers next week. Happy 2013 everyone! Good to be back.

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