Tuesday, May 28, 2013

OCAD U's 98th Annual Graduate Exhibition

It's hereeeee (a couple weeks late). The annual OCAD U Grad Ex roundup. It's become a bit of a tradition hasn't it? This time around, I was finally part of the show. At last.

It felt wonderful to be part of the show - to finally be graduating and not just a spectator (although there's nothing wrong with that either). The downside was that I didn't get a chance to see the Grad Ex in its entirety. I had time to do a quick walk around the 6th floor, briefly pop in to see a couple rooms from Drawing and Painting where my roommate's work was being displayed, and that was it. Yes, that's basically nothing. Yes, this year's round up with be pitifully bereft compared to other years. I hope to make it up in 2014 by documenting the entire show.

I'm probably a bit biased (actually, I know I am), but I think the Illustration section of the OCAD U Grad Ex always looks amazing. Each year gets better and better, and I believe that's partially due to the age of the program. As each year progresses, the students have more and more material to work with, and tips and pointers for putting on an amazing event. This year was no different. The work was great, and everyone put forth their best effort to set up a fantastic show. 

Illustration was the only section I managed to document this year, and even then I missed a lot of people. To see this year's graduate's work, I definitely recommend checking out the OCAD U Illustration website, which not only showcases work from this year's thesis program, but previous years as well.

Some of the goodies, below:

A close up of Erik Kostiuk Williams' thesis.

The Alternative Channels, by Liisa Aaltio

Sleep Mode, by Christina Kong.

Cybergeist, by Stephen Shearer.

A close up of one of the illustrations from Inviting Lightning, by Emily McGratten.

Beautifully Grotesque, by Nikki Yujin Ji.

Read Between The Verses, by Kyumin Han. Probably the most tasteful and respectful examination of different and contrasting religions that I've seen.

Another illustration thesis student (their info wasn't beside their work - if anyone knows who this is, let me know).

Ethnomöbius, by Min Gyo Chung.

The Truth Behind Alien Sightings, by Cat Yang.

A close up of one of the oil paintings from A Journey to the Beginning, by Aurora Kruk.

The Cosmic Serpents, by Kerry Zentner

Life As Death, by Dennis Oba.

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